The 3 Best Space-Themed Video Games for PS4

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The PlayStation 4 has definitely outdone the past generations by having the best graphics available in any console system. Not to mention that it has an amazing HUB, great internet connectivity and a comfortable control that ensure us to have a great experience.

But taking aside the multiples pros of this console and how it make us thrill with their innovative status and design, there’s something more important than anything that I’ve said before and that is their video game library.

A console can’t do nothing without a great list of amazing titles to grab our attention and enjoy their gameplay, for that we are going to take a look at the best video games for the PlayStation 4 but we are going to be concentrated only in the titles that are in space since they are one of the best genres for us, the gamers.

Elite Dangerous

An amazing game that focuses on exploration, this can be a great hook for many out there that are looking for a special experience by going inside the cosmos and navigate through your space ship the multiple destinations that the space has to offer us.

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Being released in the year 2014, the game is simple yet interesting, by giving us a little monetary help and a spaceship we are set to go and see what space has to give us, as well to battle and engage combat with any hostile space ship that tries to annihilate us.

Destiny 2

The name Destiny speaks for itself, by having a successful first entry in the list and an incredibly well-made world of mercenaries and technology join together with action and shootings. Destiny 2 is a great entry for the PS4 library, being a title that is mostly on distant planets and the exploration of these unknown places, all join together with his multiplayer connectivity.

While is unfair to talk only about Destiny 2 taking aside that the predecessor also had an entry in the PS4 library, but Destiny 2 changed the way we play modern fps and give us RPG elements in a unique way, all while the exploration keeps being a major point for the narrative of the story and one of the best elements of the game itself.


A known saga that it may be different from the Space-themed video games that we’ve heard before, but Doom centers mostly on space and how an apocalyptic-looking creature tries to devour us.

Keeping it simple, it has the same feel as their predecessors but stands out as a great and unique game.

There’s no doubt that the PS4 is an incredible console for Space-themed video games, and with this recommendations, you can finally start exploring the galaxy