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Video games or computer games really have many followers around the world, some more fanatical than others, but many are totally loyal and practically obsessed with any new game or release they make.

That’s why gamers community is so big and powerful because there are really millions of followers all over the world and they’re so loyal to this world that they always want to be interested in anything related to them.

Battlestar VFX is the perfect place for them because of that, all of you can find all kinds of information about gaming. From news, information, facts, critics, recommendations and much more.

And we have been pleasantly surprised by how many the page has grown, and the number of visitors who have become loyal people to our publications. And we’re totally grateful and happy about that.

But we have been thinking about something to be able to return all that support and affection that all of you send us constantly. And that’s why it occurred to us to open a new section on the website called write for us.

It consists that now you can become one more not only of our community of gamers, also you will be practically one more of the team of the Battlestar VFX website.

Now many will have the opportunity to write for the page, from any kind of recommendations they want to make about specific games, critiques about a particular game, informative articles and much more.

All the information will obviously be chosen by you, and it will have to be correctly written. For this, you will have the help of our team, many experts in the area of writing, so there are no problems for it.

Now you can show the world their gift of writing and also express through the words the passion about games. We’re very happy about this project, and for you to be one of them you should simply contact us for the information that’s in contact with us.

All our team will be happy to attend your requests and clarify any questions, help you in whatever you want. We hope you enjoy this new adventure that we’re going to undertake.