Superheroes with Telekinesis are among the best.


Mento is one of the few superheroes with Telekinesis that I consider a “borderline superhero.”
Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani are the minds behind Mento. My Greatest Adventure #91 introduced him to readers in 1964.

(Mento) Steve Dayton, a wealthy man whose only goal in life was to capture the love of Rita Farr, spent years training to become a superhero. To become a superhero, he hired a psionic helmet to be developed for him. Because he could only wear the helmet, he had it built to fit his head only. Having been a superhero in the past, he could catch Rita’s eye. Thus, they were married and adopted a baby boy right away.

In a senseless act of violence, Rita was slain. After her death, there was a never-ending hunt for her killers. Nobody could have predicted how Steve would be affected by her death.


Steve’s gradual descent into madness was exacerbated by the death of his girlfriend and the effects of his helmet.

Mento is a highly effective telekinetic, regardless of his current state of mind. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to have the ability to move objects with your mind, you’ve come to the right place!

Dr. Strange

Despite his current renown, Dr. Strange wasn’t always so well-known. As a result, Dr. Strange became a symbol of a particular set of people and their way of life.

In what manner of life do you prefer?

The character of Dr. Strange became associated with the counterculture.

Because this is the reason.

Along with ecstatic pages, the material in Sr. Strange books pushed readers to delve deeper into Eastern mysticism, religion, and philosophy. Strange’s works took on a life of their own as a metaphor for the period they were written. Was it common knowledge that Dr. Strange was a well-liked character? Yes, if the movement he was aiming for was taken into account, he was.

Dr. Strange was a personification of a wide range of concepts. He exposed his readers to topics that were gaining traction outside the “regular” social groups. The Mystical and Supernatural. Black magic. Travel back in time. Possibilities of Dimensions. Mysticism. Alternate worlds and universes, as well. The ecstatic undertones and Occult themes were supposed to work together harmoniously in his writings. Dr. Strange became popular because he offered readers a perspective on life that wasn’t generally spoken around the dinner table.


New Mutants #87 was the first appearance of Cable, created by Rob Liefeld in 1990. To begin with, most of the characters created by Liefeld in the early 1990s were heavily armed, chiseled, and equipped with far more pockets and pouches than any one person could need. Cable embodies this perfectly.

A mutant from the far future, Cable is a force to be reckoned with. As a result of the techno-organic virus (a mutated type of cancer) he carries, his full potential is never utilized.

Manhunter from Mars

In 1955, DC Comics published the first appearance of Martian Manhunter. According to his first story, Dr. Erdel accidentally caught and transferred him to Earth. J’onn J’onnz explained that he was from Mars, a scientist, and went by J’onn J’onnz when he arrived on Earth.

The capabilities of the Martian Manhunter are numerous. Shapeshifting, invisibility, phasing, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability are his most famous abilities. Telekinesis is just one of the many skills he has, including the ability to regenerate himself and fly. Enemies generally focus their attention on Martian Manhunter when he and Superman face off because he is so powerful.

Martian Manhunter is easily the most potent member when he’s on a squad. Even if Superman and Martian Manhunter fought to the death, I think it would be Martian Manhunter who emerged victorious. It’s hardly surprising that he’s on my list of superheroes with Telekinesis.