The 3 Best Space-Themed Video Games for PC

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Sci-fi is one of the favorite genres for any geek, and while there are a lot of video games that are focused in the different world that can be made in sci-fi, definitely space games and space-themed videogames are by far the favorite by many hardcore fans of the genre.

Take for example sci-fi sagas such as Battlestar Galactica or Star wars that rejoice us with the best space ambient and colossal space battles, with that set in mind, there’s a lot of options of what can we do in a space-theme video game and we can let our creativity wonder among the multiples choices of what can we choose in a space-themed video game.

But now, let’s see for ourselves the games that are already out and are about Space and sci-fi, and since the PC is the best console to play and enjoy these titles, we are going to take a look at the best space-themed video games for PC.

Kerbal Space Program

An educational game that is more aimed to deliver a great adventure and story, with not-so-serious characters that have a cartoonish look and adorable design, but while Kerbal Space Program is themed in space, the gameplay revolves around that but in a more unique way.

In Kerbal Space Program our objective is exploration, more importantly, the exploration of the galaxy and traveling around space, but keep in mind that this game is more seen as a hardcore physic experience, where we drive around in our simulation and enjoy the space, but keep in mind that the difficulty of Kerbal Space Program can be quite hard for many fans.

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EVE online

This title requires no introduction whatsoever, being famous since the day it was first announced, EVE online is an MMO suited in space, and while the premise and gameplay of EVE can be seen as weird for many recurrent MMO players, the aim of EVE online was to create something completely original and complex.

With more than ten years running and being famous among fans, EVE online is more famous than ever, with their interesting factions and crafting system, as well with a great community that has been developing through the years.

Mass Effect 2

The Mass Effect saga has been popular in the past years thanks to their incredible gameplay and good narrative, is easy to love a game with these aspects and being made so well, and since the first title was released for the PC/XBOX360/PS3 almost a decade ago, it is safe to say that it has aged quite well.

But taking aside the multiple sequels and spin off, Mass Effect 2 is really a game that shines for its own , by taking all the elements that worked in the first entry and reinforced with new mechanics and a continuation of the universe that we already know from the first entry of the saga.

Mass Effect 2 is a great game and a excellent choice to start your saga, but I recommend to play any of the games from this franchise.

Space games are by far one of the best ways to play videogames since it offers a lot of creativity and options to put inside their titles, and since the space is unknown for us and holds many secrets, we can let our creativity flow and enjoy any title of this sort.