Roblox Xbox Cross-Platform Friend-Adding Guide

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Roblox is a popular and widely-used online gaming platform. Roblox allows you to chat with other people and makes it easy to make friends. Roblox is now more popular than ever.

Many gamers also make new friends and add others to their friend lists.

Roblox is very popular in that you can add Gamers from different countries to your friend list.

It allows Gamers to interact with multiple players and play together in numerous games. This broadens their gaming horizon.

Roblox is cross-platform and can also be played on Xbox and Playstation.

Roblox-Xbox Cross Platform – How to Add Friends

Roblox-Xbox allows you to add friends in three different ways.

Use the Username

The GamerTag.

You can easily add friends to a gaming game.

Using the Username, add friends.

Edge is an online browser that allows gamers to search for Roblox-Xbox-cross-platform friends. Edge also offers a modern, chromium-based Edge architecture which provides a user-friendly interface for Xbox console owners.

You can browse Roblox-Xbox and add friends by following these steps:

Step 1. Open Roblox’s webpage in Microsoft Edge.

Step 2. Register using your Roblox account.

Step 3. To invite friends, we will create a Roblox profile.

Step 4. Register now to create a profile

Step 5. In the search bar, type in the username of your friend.

Step 6. You will receive multiple suggestions as you type your name.

Step 7. Click on “In People”.

Step 8. All people will be shown in the search results.

Step 9. Click the “Add friend” button on your friend’s profile.

Step 10. After they accept the friend request, they will be added as a friend to your friend’s group.

You can now choose your friends and play whenever they are online.

Adding friends via the Gamertag

Log in to the Roblox app on XBOX and choose from GamerTag or Roblox profile. Roblox Sign In to Complete Your Profile Details

Here are the steps to add Roblox-Xbox friends using gamer tags

Step 1. Step 1. Click the XBOX Button on the controller to access the “XBOX Guide.”

Step 2. Click on “People” then click “Find Someone”.

Step 3. In the Lookup section, enter the Gamertag details.

Step 4. When searching, make sure the Gamertag is correctly formatted and spelled.

Step 5. Click the “A” button to select the profile you wish to add.

Step 6. Select “Add friend” to add the person’s XBOX accounts to your account.

Step 7. You should be added back by the other Gamer to make them feel like a friend. Otherwise, it will end up being a follower.

Step 8. If you accept the Gamer, your friend’s list will include the Gamer’s name.

Step 9. To share your real identity with friends, click on “Friend” or “Favourite” then choose “Share my Real Name” to allow them to easily identify you.

Step 10. Step 10. Click the “Alt” button to select the profile that you want to add.

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In a game, add friends directly.

Popular games like “Adopt me,” allow you to add friends right within the game. For friends to be added directly, both players must be on a single server.

The XBOX Player should be the first one to join the server. Both players are now able to join the game simultaneously.

Both players can press the Play button simultaneously to increase their chances of entering the same server.

When you want to add someone to the friend list, hover above the player and hit either the right button or trigger. The “Add player” button will appear on the menu. Click it to submit a request.

The “Players tab” shows all players currently playing the game.

You will see all Gamers in the list. Click on any of them to open the “Add friend” option. After the other Gamer accepts, the Gamer is added to your friend list.


Roblox’s success is because it can be used across all platforms. All ages love Roblox. It allows users to share common interests with others around the world.

This connectivity can be found on all Roblox platforms. We have discussed in this blog how to add Roblox Xbox friends.