Infinite Reboot on PS4

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PS4 is prone to get locked in a Safe Mode Loop, with no way out.

Switch on PS4 in Safe Mode

PS4 Safe Mode Loop has been addressed for many users by rebooting in safe mode.

Using this method will not result in the loss of any personal information.

Follow these simple steps:

  • The power button on your PS4 should be pressed to turn it off.
  • Hold down the power button to enter Safe Mode when you hear the second beep.
  • Once the USB cable is connected, press the PS button on the controller to link it.
  • To restart your PS4 in Safe Mode, select Restart PS4 and hit X.

Using the PS4’s Power Cycle

This procedure ensures that your PS4 is off and unplugged.
During the initial setup, it will re-create all the configurations.

  • As a result, here’s how to turn PS4 back on:
  • Tap and hold the console’s power button for at least 10 seconds until it shuts off fully.
  • Remove the console’s power cord from the back.

After that, repeatedly press and hold the power button to clear the PS4’s cache and deplete the system’s remaining power supply.

Once you’ve waited for 4 to 5 minutes, reconnect all of your peripherals and try running PS4 again to see whether the Safe Mode Loop problem has been resolved.

Do a Cable Check on Your HDMI Source and Devices

This is your best bet for those of you who were unsuccessful with the previous solution to the PS4 Safe Mode Loop.

If the problem persists, a faulty component may be at blame.

Let’s go for it, shall we?

Disconnect all HDMI cords from both your PS4 and TV.

If you’re unsure whether to buy a new HDMI cable, try swapping the ends.

Connect your PS4 to your TV through HDMI and the other way around.

If this solution worked for you, you could now restart your PS4 using the Restart PS4 option.

Playstation Database Rebuilding

Many people have found this to be the most effective option.

Using the Rebuild Database tool, you can completely reorganize your PS4’s hard disc data.

To repair the files, it will replace them.

Turn on your PlayStation 4 now:

To pair the controller with the DUALSHOCK 4(DS4), connect the controller to a computer via USB connection and push the PS button.

The computer will start in Safe Mode if you hold down the power button and wait for the second beep.

Select “Rebuild Database” from the list of solutions under

Your PS4 Safe Mode Loop issue will be resolved after completing the process.

Manually Update Your PS4

You should try this one instead of the last one that didn’t work for you.

When the PS4 system has been offline, it is most often utilized to fix the “Safe Mode Loop” problem.

The following must be prepared before beginning this task:

An Internet-enabled computer

PS4 controller and USB cord

FAT32 file system and a USB disc with at least 460 MB of free space

As soon as you’ve completed the above, proceed to the following:

The USB root path should have a folder named “PS4” created when it is inserted into your PC.

In the PS4 folder, create an Updates folder.

Save the PS4UPDATE.PUP update file to your Updates folder after downloading it.

Enable Safe Mode

Then pick Update System Software from the menu that appears after Safe Mode is enabled.

Ok, when prompted to upgrade from a USB storage device.

Just double-check that the folder name and the new file name are right before proceeding.

Start the PlayStation 4 (PS4).

The least you can do to fix the PS4 Safe Mode Loop is to initialize your console, which will restore all of your console’s settings to their factory defaults.

Make sure your PS4 data is stored on a large enough external USB device formatted in FAT.

To get things started again, we’ll need to restart PlayStation 4.

  • USB drives can be plugged into the PS4’s USB port.
  • Select System from the PS4’s settings menu.
  • Select PS4 Backup from the Backup and Restore menu.
  • Make your selections and then click Next.
  • Choose Back Up and give your Backup a name.
  • Your data will be backed up as soon as you press the X button on your controller.
  • After your data has been backed up, unplug your USB device from the console.
  • Afterward, go back to your PS4’s settings and select “Initialization.”
  • Complete initialization can be found in Initialize PS4 >
  • The final step is to follow the on-screen directions.
  • It’s important to remember that turning your PS4 off during initialization will cause permanent damage.