2 Space Themed Mobile Games You’re Going to Love

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Mobile games have the spotlight in today’s market. Most because is the most accessible way for gamers to play their favorite games and as well making them available to play on the go is a great feature.

But since mobile games are being so famous nowadays, we have to stop and watch for a second their games and genre, and since Spaced themed videogames are so common in the multiple video game platform of today, is obvious that these games are now available for our smartphones, so let’s see which ones deserve our attention as gamers.

iphone - 2 Space Themed Mobile Games You're Going to Love

Dead Effect 2 (iOS and Android)

Dead space is a famous saga that is most known for their visual horror and elements that are dated in space, with enormous details and a great FPS mechanic. For that, it was a matter of time for this saga to come to our favorite handheld, in this case, we are referring to our phones.

Dead Effect is a clone of dead space 2 that works great on our mobile and serves as a great adaptation and follow-up for the saga.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

A classic gem from the past makes a comeback for our mobiles, with great old-school RPG elements and a great gameplay, Star Wars KOTOR is still going strong and more than ever now that we can enjoy it any time we want on the go.

starwars - 2 Space Themed Mobile Games You're Going to Love

While we are talking like a old adaptation of a game from the early 2000’s the graphics aren’t that well, but if you are beyond that, you’ll enjoy the wonders of what this game has to offer you.

Space Themed games are causing a sensation among gamers, and now that they are in an accessible way for us to reach, we can enjoy a journey through space anytime we want by using our telephone.