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My name is Canaan Zavala, I’m 28 years old and I’m the CEO of Battlestar VFX. This is a web page where you will find everything related to online gaming. Currently, video games or online gaming has become a big and powerful industry, even becoming one of the most commercial and sold in the world.

The creation of new games attracts more and more players who become fans of these types of games and become practically loyal players who are always enjoying and acquiring any new release.

Battlestar VFX It started as a project between friends all gamers, but also fans of the TV series Battlestar Galactica. At first, we wanted to do more as a hobby, entertainment but also to be able to communicate, inform or express any opinion we had about a particular game.

Currently, it has become one of our best creations, a job that we fully enjoy and we try to provide you with as much relevant information as you like. Undoubtedly we owe a lot to Battlestar Galactica, this series was an inspiration for us, especially for what we like to do now.

Thanks to the influence of technological progress, the internet and the leadership of young people currently in society worldwide, we have seen great creations that without a doubt we never imagined seeing.

With video games or PC games it also happens the same, where at the beginning we were happy with simples games consoles that were installed in our old televisions and worked with cassettes, and now we can enjoy high definition games, even some in a virtual reality where you can feel that you’re in the game.

And on this website, we will be happy to keep you informed about this world of gaming so interesting and exciting. Welcome to our community of gamers.